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Friends of the Winds

This page highlights people and organizations who have been supporters of the Arkansas Winds' misison. It is one way we offer them our thanks. We ask you to support them in return.

Dan Brittain is a musician, composer, arranger, and transcriptionist who lives and works in Northwest Arkansas. We thank him for transcribing music for our horn section.

Lisa Blount (Snapshotz by Lisa) is a professional photographer who has snapped the Winds group photo for a number of years.

The Ozark Mountiains British Brass Band is a British-style band that performs in Northwest Arkansas. A number of musicians with the Winds also perform with the OMBBB. In 2012 the Winds and the OMBBB shared the stage for a spring concert.

Jeremy Doss is a composer who lives and works in Northwest Arkansas. The Winds commissioned Jeremy to compose Arkansas Journey

for our 25th anniversary concert.